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Sometimes, change is GOOD!

The planning meetings for the upcoming year have concluded, and the most noticeable result is an expanded cruising schedule.

In 2018, we will provide Sightseeing/Lunch Cruises every day of the week!  That change alone added four cruises to every week that we cruise our yacht.  And, the same boat ride now offers our guests the option of riding with or without our highly regarded lunch buffet.  We had some feedback from potential customers that were not interested in lunch and we now have that option.  Thank you for your suggestions!

We also added the Happy Hour Cruise to Mondays, so you can now count on us having that cruise every day of the week as well.

Yeah, I like change.



Old Man Winter Is Back!

The spring, summer, and fall of 2017 made for a wonderful season of cruising our little stretch of the Mississippi River, but the leaves have fallen, the sky is gray, and the temperature is getting colder every week.  We had the pleasure of meeting new friends from our own fine city and from many parts of the world, but the time has come again for us to wrap up another season of cruising.  This is the time of year when we winterize our yacht and plan for Spring 2018.

Already, we have made arrangements to accommodate birthday parties, weddings, car clubs, retirement centers, schools, and local businesses with cruises, both private and public in 2018.  We will welcome back some crew from 2017 and bring aboard some new faces.  We will improve our beer list by not only offering locally made products, but by offering some beers made in our own microbrewery!  We have a busy off-season ahead of us, but we do this end-of-season review because we want to make you, our guests, as happy as possible.  Our office is open even in the depths of winter, so if you want to plan a large event, or make a reservation for one person to join one of our public cruises, call us and we will make it happen.


To all of our past customers, a sincere THANK YOU!

To those who have already made plans to cruise with us in 2018, I can not wait to meet you!

To those who have always wanted to join us but have not yet made it…call us and let’s get acquainted!


With best wishes for an enjoyable but short winter,

Brian Neis

General Manager

Dubuque’s American Lady

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